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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Exposition Review is an independent, multi-genre literary journal that publishes narratives by new, emerging, and established writers in the genres of fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry, scripts for stage & screen, experimental narratives, visual art, film, and comics (see guidelines below).

Wondering what to submit to us? We like to be surprised; we like writing that is razor-sharp, immediately transporting us with a strong voice and sense of place. We like work that’s thoughtful and cathartic, work that embraces conflict and isn’t afraid to take risks. We love pieces that blur the boundaries of genre. To get a better idea of what we look for in submissions, please read our previous issues. You can also follow the Expo blog to get news about latest submission and contest openings.


Every issue has a theme from which writers and artists can draw inspiration. We encourage those who submit to think outside the box; we look for stories that fit the theme yet make us think about it in different ways; we want work that satisfies and challenges traditional forms of storytelling.

The theme for our eighth annual issue is "Lines."

Read more about how to submit below!


At this moment in time, it can be so easy to focus on just that: this moment. A date on the calendar. Our place on the planet.

But our experiences aren’t limited to a single point in time, or on a map. We look back, and ahead, and realize we’re tethered to a track, our lives hurtling along a trajectory like a car on the open highway.

We don’t exist on a point, but on a line.

For Exposition Review: Vol. VIII, we’re looking for work that explores lines: The line of reality that constantly unfurls in front of us. The lines that connect us, whether the ties that bind us to our familial lineage or the bonds we choose to create between each other—friends, claimed family, lovers. The lines that we draw—boundaries of safety to protect our hearts—and the lines that we cross. The lines we wait in, and the lines we toe. All defining, all surprisingly fragile.

Art, too, starts with a single line. The act of making a line, and then a link or connection, is the beginning of a journey, and whether it ends in heartbreak or triumph, we’re here for the ride.

When we tell stories, write poems, and pen screenplays, we neatly arrange our words into lines. We laud alluring first lines, kicker last lines, and memorable lines in between. We quote them, put them on T-shirts, say them in wedding vows.


                                             we even break them.

So, think about the lines your characters are on—where they began, where they lead, how they build or break. Introduce us to someone hurtling through their trajectory, flying along the highway of their lives. Show us characters willing to color outside the lines, or draw a line even though it hurts. Give us lines we can’t forget, that only you could write.

Your blank page awaits, with lines ready to be written or drawn.

Submissions for Vol. VIII will be open September 15–December 31.

All work is read and given fair consideration by our editorial staff. Guidelines for individual genres are as follows:

  • Fiction. Short stories and stand-alone novel excerpts not in excess of 5,000 words.
  • Flash Fiction. Up to three pieces of flash or microfiction. Each piece should be no more than 1,000 words; there is no minimum word count. The shorter, the better!
  • Nonfiction. Memoir, personal essays, and creative nonfiction, again not to exceed the 5,000 word limit.
  • Poetry. Up to three poems of any form and in traditional or experimental styles. Translations are accepted as well.
  • Stage & Screen. One-act plays, scenes, or short film and screenplay excerpts not in excess of 15 pages. Please format according to the standard unpublished playwriting or screenwriting format.
  • Film. Short films in live-action narrative, documentary, or animation up to 15 minutes in length. Please include a brief summary and credits list in the cover letter of your submission.
  • Experimental Narratives. We love narratives in all forms. Whether it’s digital poetics, a video, or a transmedia, genre-bending piece, if it tells a good story, creates compelling characters, and/or tickles our literary senses, we want it. Consider the limits of other categories and our online platform for length guidelines.
  • Visual Art. Up to five pieces of art and/or photography per submission. If submitting more than one piece of art, please compile into one file (PDF or otherwise). Brief (1-3 paragraph) artist’s statement or statement about the work preferred. Include appropriate credit lines for all pieces (Artist Name, Title of Work, Year. Medium, Dimensions.)
  • Comics. Comics should be self-contained, up to three pages per piece, with no more than three pieces per submission.

Author receives $50.00 USD for accepted work.  All submissions received by October 31 will receive guaranteed feedback from editors.


Our Flash 405 competitions accept short from work in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and stage & screen. Contests are judged by members of Expo's editorial team as well as guest judges. Each contest has a theme and winners are awarded cash prizes and online publication. For more information visit the Flash 405 page on our website.

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